Rattlesnake Shake! 23 September – 4 October 2019

Rattlesnake Shake! A true DaveUSA-classic thru Arizonas and Nevadas hot och heavenly deserts, mountains and beauty. This tour has it all including two nights in Sin City,. 23 September – 4 Oktober 2019 12 days total 8 days in the saddle 10 hotel nights Arizona, Nevada och California Prescott Nat'l Forest, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Old Route 66, Mojave-desert, Las Vegas and more. Desert, woodlands, mountains, great weather, hot sun, luxury, bling, kitsch, neon, sand, cacti, superb riding conditions, MC-culture and a big hole in the ground! Fly into Scottsdale Az. where we pick up our bikes, then north, via the cowboy village ...


Texas Rebel YELL! 13 – 21 April

Texas Rebel YELL! Everything's BIG in Texas. Let's each get up on a H-D and check out if that is true! Yee-haw! Deep in the heart of Texas! This huge state's got it all!  Nature and landscape. Sea, mountain, forests, deserts, and best of all, we get to hang with these wonderful and generous Texans! April 13 - 21 2019 9 days in total 5 days in the saddle 7 nights To Austin and the food, music and culture! 6th Street! Oh oh oh,. The next day we head south to the forgotten village on the Gulf with a big heart, ...


Missisixty-Six! 6 -16 June

Mississixty-Six! New Dates! The Midwest. Americas Breadbasket. Original Route 66, Mississippi Great River Road, Milwaukee, celebrate 4 July, Chicago and more!   6 - 16 June 2019 New dates! 10 days in total 8 hotel nights 7 days in the saddle 950 miles in total number of states visited: 3 Back to my roots! The Midwest! Illinois! Missouri! Wisconsin! Jewels to discover! Mississixty-Six contains everything! Everyone who knows knows that it's not easy doing Rt. 66 nowadays. The road network itself was closed down in the 70s. Bye-bye. Still, there are small, 66-gems here and there, you know, forgotten villages and communities that stand ...

Hawaii Poi Dog Hop

              Hawaii Poi Dog Hop 18 - 30 November 2019 13 days total 6 days in the saddle 11 nights Number of islands visited 3 (Maui, Big Island, Oahu) An unorthodox bike-push considering we'll be "bummin' around" three separate and completely amazing tropical islands smack-dab in the middle of paradise! Thing is we'll be holed up at the same base-hotel per island each night, deleting the need to pack and unpack our bikes. Freedom! Concerning the riding,.we'll be doing various excursions every day, some longer than the others, all amazing. Each of the three ...


Big Twin Lone Star Slam

Big Twin Lone Star Slam DaveUSA and Big Twin magazine welcome you on the bike-push of your life! Everything's BIG in Texas! So, saddle up, pard! We're Texas-bound in spring 2019! 22 - 30 April Out/In Austin, Texas. Six days in the saddle, 7 nights, 9 days total. Palacios, Goliad, San Antonio, Leakey, Twisted Sisters and back to Austin again for two nights on 6th Street! The Gulf of Mexico, desert, mountains, forrest, music, food, great weather, great roads, culture and those warmhearted, generous Texans! Yee-haw! Let's Ride!   9 days in total 5 high days 7 nights Flights to Austin ...

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Rattlesnake Shake UNO! 6 – 16 May

Rattlesnake Shake UNO 2019! Dream-push thru Arizona and Nevada. A DaveUSA-classic! Sand in your skivvies, Steve? Cacti in your crotch, Chris? Oh HELL yea! 6 - 16 May 2019 Out/in Scottsdale Az. 11 days total 8 days in-the saddle 9 nights 1200 miles 150-180 miles/day States visited: 2 (Arizona, Nevada) Dag 1. Fly to Phoenix Dag 2. Get our rides, head west thru Wickenburg up thru the amazing mountains to cowboy-town #1. Prescott. Great hotel right on Whisky Row. Dag 3. More mountains. More north! Thru magical Sedona and Jerome to Flagstaff. A beautiful day. Dag 4. North yet again. High up there,.nippley in ...

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SOLD OUT! Don't worry,.we're planning new trips for 2019. Please check the tab Tours 2019 or,.or contact me by mail of telephone. Let's Ride! Join us as DaveUSA team up with Scandinavias best biker-magazine Big Twin as we begin a series of kick-ass Harley-rides in the States!



HASSES NASHVILLE SLAM SOLD OUT! Nashville, tail of the Dragon, Blue Ridge Parkway, Savanna, Atlanta, Lynchburg and two nights on Music Row in Nashville,.whoa, Nelly! Not to care, we're planning to repeat this soon-to-be classic Harley ride next year! Keep an eye out here on my site of just call/email whenever! Let's Ride



LINKANS RATTLESNAKKI PERKELE SOLD OUT! The very best The Southwest has to offer, and more! Las Vegas, Ol' Route 66 etc. Hot Hot HOT but so COOL! Just unbeatable! Don't be sad,.we'll be doing this trip twice next year. Check out the tab Tours 2019 or contact me whenever for more info. Let's Ride  



RATTLESNAKE SHAKE The southwest is BEST,.no protest! SOLD OUT! You're good,.we plan on doing this trip twice next year,.so keep a look out for more info here at