Hawaii Poi-Dog Hop!

Hawaii Poi-Dog Hop!
20 – 31 October 2018

Nope,.you’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you,.Hawaii! Good, yea? Hawaii AND Harley-Davidson,.even better! Surreal. Island-hopping on Harleys!

12 days total
7 days in the saddle
4 nites on Maui, 4 nites on Big Island
1 overnight in L.A (bonus)
(subject to change)

Start L.A!

Next day, we split west out across the big, blue Pacific to Maui and our first “base-camp”, a beach-resort near the village of Lahaina.

From our base-camp we set out every morning on beautiful Harley-excursions and adventures all over this amazing island. Maui offers great riding, beautiful, exciting roads, jungle, volcanos, etc. It’s exactly as you imagine it to be! Each day-trip finds us returning to base-camp in time for Happy Hour and beach-time. Laid back. Aloha.

Our next destination is The Big Island (Hawaii), double as big as Maui but with half the population. Total vagabond-lifestyle! Surf n’ sun. The sheer size of this island with all it’s natural variation and perfect roads makes it a bikers dream. Long, wonderful rides await us here as well, plus, a whole group of island-dwellers, friends of mine, who just love when we come and visit! Here, our base hotel is in a hip little surf-town called Kona.

Back to L.A! Hotel near Venice Beach! The next day day let’s us do whatever we want in The City of Angels! Rent a car, perhaps? So much cool stuff to do in L.A!

All in all,.eight amazing nites on Hawaii where we’ll witness and experience amazing riding in uncanny natural beauty, easy beach-living and cool island-folks. Add 2 nites in L.A for good measure!

Please understand that Hawaii Poi-Dog Hop is generally more expensive than other DaveUSA-tours due to the many airline-flights needed and the abnormally high costs of Harley-rentals and hotel-rooms on the islands, but man, what a trip.

Total cost for Hawaii Poi-Dog Hop / rider: 6900 Euro
A breakdown:
-Airfare estimated 1550 Euro (airfare arranged by me but paid for by customer)
-Accommodations part in double-room estimated 1100 Euro (accommodations arranged by me but paid for by customer)
-DaveUSA invoice including new/late model Harley-Davidson motorcycle of your choice* w/ insurance, guide-service, transfer: 4300 Euro
Grand total 6900 Euro

*upon availability

Total cost for Hawaii Poi-Dog Hop / passenger:  5200 Euro
-Airfare estimated 15,000 Skr. / 1550 Euro (airfare  arranged by me but paid for by customer)
-Accommodations part in double-room estimated 1100 Euro (accommodations arranged by me but paid for by customer)
-DaveUSA invoice including guide-service, transfer: 2600 Euro
Grand total 5200 Euro

All prices and costs above are quite preliminary. Firmer pricing available at a later date.

All prices subject to change due to pending currency-rates.

Call or e-mail for more info!

E ka holo! LET’S RIDE!





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