Hawaii Poi Dog Hop!

Hawaii Poi-Dog Hop!

8 – 21 November 2017

Hawaii. Paradise. A dream? Hawaii AND Harley-Davidson? A dream-combo! Add to this island-hopping between Hawaii’s two biggest islands Maui and Big Island, exploring every inch of them on our Harleys,.!! Sound unrealistic? It’s not! This, plus two nights to do L.A too boot!

13 days total
8 days in the saddle
Two 4-night stops (Maui och The Big Island)
One 2-night stop in Los Angeles

-start i L.A. Next morning,.off to Maui!

-Maui. We’ll be staying at the same hotel in a small town by the sea, Lahaina, for four nites,.our base-camp! From here we’ll explore every inch of this paradise, and make it home in time for Happy Hour! We’ll meet some great people as well!

-next up: The Big Island! Twice the size of Maui but much less populated. Vagabond beach-bum lifestyle! Phenomenally beautiful. We stick to the same game-plan as on Maui i.e  base-camp in Kailua. Day-trips. Paradise and fun!

-Run this by you again: we’ll spend eight nights on Hawaii’s two largest islands. These days will be jammed-packed with beauty, a comfortable beach-lifestyle. GREAT riding on amazing, pristine roads, food, drink and friends, ending the tour back in California and two glorious nights in L.A, dude!

Please contact me at info@daveusa.se or call +46 708820522

‘Ae ia maua holo! (tranlation: Let’s Ride på hawaiianska!)




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