Don’ Mess wit Texas! 7 – 18 June 2018

Don’ Mess wit Texas!

7 – 18 Juni 2018

New tour!

Everything’s BIG in Texas. Let’s saddle-up on our Harleys and see for ourselves. Yee-haw!
A round-trip deep in the heart of Texas where we’ll sample much of what this big, beautiful state has to offer. Ocean, forrest, desert, mountains, culture, food, drink and best of all,.those wonderful, special, generous and fun Texans!

12 days total
9 ridin’ days
2 two-night stops (Palacios and Dallas)
2300 Km total
260 Km/day average
we reserve the right for altercations

– To Dallas! Food, music, culture,.a jewel right in the middle of Texas!

-Next morning we ride south through forests and mountains to one of Americas most important music-towns: Austin! A long night on 6th Street’s in order.

-West from Austin thru Hill Country to Leakey, a small town known mostly for being the entrance-point for one of Americas coolest, nerve-tingling bike-rides, The Three Twisted Sisters. Keep cool, bro, and both hands on the handlebars! Amazing ride and landscapes!

-Leakey through beautiful forest-lands to San Antonio. The River Walk! The Alamo. It’s all good, you wait and see.

-South to the Gulf, stopping off for some true Texas culture and history in Goliad, home of Presidio La Bahia and other important historical sites from Texas long struggle for independence.

-From Goliad back in time to the gulf and the little town of Palacios where Jumpin’ Jack, owner of the spectacular and historic Luther Hotel welcomes us with open arms,.hell, the whole town welcomes us with open arms! BBQ on the porch, watching the sun set on the Gulf. Two nights here. We can chill, take a day-trip, go wild-boar hunting or go fishing’ out on the Gulf. Decisions, decisions.

East right along the beautiful Gulf to Galveston, an amazing port-town, rich in culture and history and yes, the song “Galveston” is written about it. Just ask Glen Campbell.

-More east through swamps and woods past Port Arthur and north to Crockett, a town named after Davey, not Sonny,.

-Back to Dallas for two nights! Time to really explore this amazing cultural city! Bring your dancin’ shoes!

A wonderful,  intense, condensed but truly high-content motorcycle tour through one of my favourite states! A perfect way to kick-off summers riding season with a bang! Contact me for more info.

Payment details: You pay three separate instalments. 1. Airline ticket (everyone pays their own pre-arranged plane ticket prior to the trip) 2. hotels (everyone pays their own pre-booked rooms at check-in) 3. DaveUSA invoice. (Everyone receives an invoice for new or late-model Harley-Davidson of choice* with insurance, and road-captain/administrator Dave)

Your total costs for all above : 4100 Euros

*bikes allotted after availability

All prices etc. are preliminary

Time is of the essence! Contact me today!

Let’s RIDE!


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