Hill Country

Rebel Yell!

Rebel YELL!
10 – 22 April 2017

Time to pack your saddlebags and spit-shine your boots, pard, cause we’re heading way down south, to the Gulf of Mexico, on an unforgettable bike-push deep in the heart of Texas and Louisiana!

13 days total
9 days in the saddle
Two 2-night stops (Palacios, TX, New Orleans LA)
1400+ miles total
150+ miles/day average
(we reserve the right for alterations)

-start in New Orleans and,..GO West, young man! Through the woods and swamps of Louisiana towards Texas! Two nights later we’re in Galveston!

-onward to a town time has forgotten (but not me!) Wonderful Palacios, Texas. Home of the historic Luther Hotel where my friend Jumping’ Jack,.and the whole town itself, welcomes us with real ol’ fashioned Texas hospitality! BBQ-party by the Gulf!

-north through the desert to The home of The Alamo, San Antonio, TX. and a night on the amazing Riverwalk!

-from San Antonio up through the Hill Country to little Leakey, Texas, the staging point for The Three Twisted Sisters. A challenging roller-coaster ride of Texas farm roads combined into 50 miles of excitement! Hold on to your handlebars!

-next, one of USA’s most important music-towns, Austin! 6th Street all nite!

-East via Opelousas LA (race-track and casino fun) with New Orleans in our crosshairs, through lush forests and hills!

Sista sträckan nu med fortsatt skön åkning genom vackra Louisiana mot slutdestinationen, likaså startpunkten, makalösa New Orleans! Efter vi har lämnat tillbaka våra hojar får vi nöjet att bo här i två nätter med alla chanser i världen att upptäcka, provsmaka, lyssna på, känna vid och förundras över denna magiska stad. Ooo la la, vilket ös!

-New Orleans! The Quarter! Two nights! A chance to see, hear and taste one of the most famous cities in the world!

Price and stipulations: please contact me at info@daveusa.se or call +46 708820522


Let’s RIDE!

Rebel 2017


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