How does it work?

You choose from one of my tours and contact me, letting me know. I’ll send you a form to fill out. When the tour you’ve chosen fills up I’ll contact you with more information on how we proceed. Easy!

Registration. How do I sign up?

Just contact me via e-mail, or call, and I’ll send you a registration form. Feel free to contact me whenever!

When should I sign up for tours in 2023 and beyond?

Right now! If you’re interested in any of my tours go ahead and contact me. We’ll talk!

We’re a group of friends who want to do a Harley-tour in the U.S together. Can you help us?

Yes I can and do! I offer “tailor-made” tours for private groups! We work together and create your group’s dream-tour!

Do you offer “one-way” tours?

Yes, on occasion.

Do I have to ride a Harley?

Of course not, but I recommend that you do! There is a limited supply of other makes/models available. (On demand)

We’re a group of friends that want to try our hand at doing a USA motorcycle-tour on our own but need help in arranging it. Could you help us?

Sure! Just contact me and we’ll talk.

How much does it cost?

Prices and terms for each tour are usually specified or just contact me.


Payment is by credit card (PayPal), invoice or direct bank-deposit. More information on payment etc. pending.

How about travel insurance?

Many have existing travel insurance included in their home insurance policies. This coverage is often quite sufficient. If you do not have proper coverage please contact your insurance company. They can provide you with coverage or refer to one of many companies that offer temporary travel insurance. DaveUSA has insurances protecting you as well. Please contact me for more information. Your rental motorcycle however, with you on it, is fully insured.


DaveUSA applies General Internal Cancellation Policies. Info on this provided upon request.

Does DaveUSA have a minimum-participant limit?

Yes. In the case of too few participants for a certain tour DaveUSA reserves the right to cancel the tour. Information concerning this will be available to all participants in advance and subsequent tours will be offered.


Please call or e-mail me at any time if you have and questions!

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