DaveUSA Tours 2022 quick view

   DaveUSA MC TOURS 2022! Quick view of 2022 tours. Please contact me for more info info@daveusa.se or call +46 708820522 1.) "Robertos Rattlesnake." Out / in Scottsdale AZ. March 24 - April 4 preliminary Great Rattlesnake-run with a bunch of salty sailors! Private tour. 2.) "Sofia Hogs MC 50 years!" Out / in Scottsdale Az. 6 - 18 April Sweden's probably oldest MC celebrates 50 years! We gotta celebrate and we will! Private tour. 3.) "Big Twin Southbound n 'Down." Out / in Nashville Tn. 22 - 30 April Another wonderful tour in the Big Twin series collaborating with the ...


(Svenska) Robertos Rattlesnake. Privat tur.

"Robertos Rattlesnake." Private. Out/in Scottsdale AZ. 24 Mars - 4 April 2022 Big Rattlesnake-run with Roberto and his gang of salty sailors! Arrrrggh, mateys! Interested in learning more about putting a private tour together? Lemme know.  


Sofia Hogs Rattlesnake Shake (private tour) 8 – 20 April 2021

  Epic DaveUSA Southwest-push that has it all! This time, together with the gentlemen in one of Swedens oldest, most renown bone fide biker-clubs: Sofia Hogs, celebrating their 5oth anniversary. Congrats boys! See you at the airport bar,. Sofia Hogs Rattlesnake Shake 6 - 18 April 2022 Private tour Interested in knowing more about private tours? Lemme know!


Big Twin Southbound n’ Down (sold out / stand-by) 22 – 30 April 2022

Big Twin Southbound n' Down Out/in Nashville TN 22 - 30 April 2022 9 days total 5 days in the saddle 7 nights 900+ miles total 190 miles/day 1 two-night stop: Nashville, TN P.O.I Nashville = MUSIC!, Tail of the Dragon, Smokey Mountains, Jack Daniels Distillery, Lynchburg, Memphis and Graceland, Beale Street, musik, food, great rides n' roads  forest, mountains, history, culture and more! The latest addition to our popular series of stellar tours i cahoots with the superb motorcycle magazine Big Twin. Come on along, pard! Price pending www.bigtwin.se. Contact me for more info!  Let's RIDE!


Bad n’ Nationwide – USA coast-to-coast 3 – 27 May 2022 reserve-list

Bad n' Nationwide! 2020 (USA coast-to-coast!) Orlando, Fl. - Los Angeles, CA.  Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. 3 - 27 May  2022 25 days total 20 days in the saddle 5 two-night stop-overs: (New Orleans, Palacios, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles) 2500+ miles total 125 miles average/day Welcome to the Harley-push of a lifetime! YOUR lifetime. We'll be riding the southernmost route through all of Florida to the Gulf, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana including New Orleans and a couple of wild nights on The Quarter. Onward west through the swamps and forest into Texas via Port Arthus to Galveston, ...


SVINKALLT MC KIRUNA 20 years. 31 May – 9 June. Private tour

SVINKALLT MC KIRUNA 20 years! (SVINKALLT = "It's fucking freezing!") One of the "coolest" and northernmost MC's in the world turned 20 years old 2020. We were set to celebrate this with a killer-tour in Texas but that went down the shitter like most everything else 2020. Now's the time! Back in the saddle 2022! Private tour Are you interested in putting a private tour together for your MC or group of buddies? Call me!  


Texas Rebel YELL 9 – 18 June 2022

Texas Rebel YELL! Everything's BIG in Texas. Let's each get up on a H-D and check out if that is true! Yee-haw! Deep in the heart of Texas! This huge state's got it all!  Nature and landscape. Sea, mountain, forests, deserts, and best of all, we get to hang with these wonderful and generous Texans! June 9 - 18 2022 11 days in total 7 days in the saddle 8 nights To Austin and the food, music and culture! 6th Street! Oh oh oh,. The next day we head south to the forgotten village on the Gulf with a big heart, Palacios. ...


Little Big California 16 – 27 August 2022

Little Big California A Full-blood Cali - tour with start / stop in San Francisco. We concentrate on the very most important thing in all DaveUSA tours:  in-the-saddle time. California! Heaven, and eh, “exciting” sometimes, hehehe. Biker-Xanadu. Crazy-beautiful. Pacific Coast Highway, Sierra Nevada mountains etc. etc. In/out San Francisco 16 - 27 Augusti 2022 11 days total 7 bike days 9 nites 1600 miles total approx. Route: San Francisco Guerneville Fort Brag Eureka Redding Reno Jamestown San Francisco San Francisco Flyga hem landa POI: Wine Country Pacific Coast Highway (PCH ) Redwood Forests / Avenue of the Giants Sierra Nevada mountains Trinity Scenic Byway East WOW! ...