DaveUSA Tours 2022 quick view


 DaveUSA MC TOURS 2022!

Quick view of 2022 tours. Please contact me for more info info@daveusa.se or call +46 708820522

1.)  “Hot Lonely Desert” Out/in Scottsdale AZ. 13 – 23 March. Beat winter, darkness, cold, dampness and the f%#”#% pandemic! Ride the hot desert with us.

2.) “Robertos Rattlesnake.” Out / in Scottsdale AZ. March 24 – April 4 preliminary
Great Rattlesnake-run with a bunch of salty sailors! Private tour.

3.) “Big Twin Southbound n ‘Down.” Out / in Nashville Tn. 22 – 30 Apr

4.) “Bad n ‘Nationwide.” Coast to Coast Daytona Beach Fl. – Los Angeles Ca.
Go West, young man (and ladies!) Oh, hell yea, we are! All the way.

5.) “Little Best of Arizona” Out/in Scottsdale AZ. 26 May – 3 June. Wonderful round trip up north in Az. where revisit a few of the most beautiful and mesmerising natural wonders Arizona has to offer. Slots available.

6.) “Little Big California” Out / in San Francisco CA. 18 – 27 August
Heaven, and at times a very exciting heaven, hehehe. Biker-Xanadu. Crazy-beautiful! Slots available.

7.) “H-DCS Number 1.” Out / in Scottsdale AZ. 11-19 September. We celebrate H-DCS 50 years (though a little later than planned, thanks Corona!) With a series of four great Arizona-Nevada turns. Are you a member of H-DCS (or are you thinking of becoming one?) and want to hang out? Welcome omboard! Slots available.

8.) “H-DCS Number 2”. Out / in Scottsdale Az. 17-25 September. We continue to celebrate “Harley-Davidson Club Sweden 50 years” with these attractive, affordable tours! Various slots available.

9.) “H-DCS Number 3”. Out / in Scottsdale Az. 23/9 – 1/10. Wide open

10.) “H-DCS Number 4”. Out / in Scottsdale Az. 29/9 – 7/10. Slots available

11.) “NOLA Biketoberfest Boogie”. Out / in New Orleans LA. 11 – 22 October
Way down south, y’all, with focus on New Orleans, Gulf Coast and Daytona Beach Biketoberfest.

12.) “Probike Hawaiian Island Hop” Hawaii. 1 – 14 November. Yea, you read right.


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