Arizona Rattlesnake Shake 14 – 24 August 2020


 Southwestern USA at its best! One of DaveUSA’s most popular tours that includes EVERYTHING! Desert, forest, high desert, mountains, incomparable nature, original Route 66, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, perfect roads, great motorcycle culture and people’s life, luxury resort, hot sun etc.

14 – 24 August 2020
In / Out Scottsdale, Arizona
Total 12 days
8 bike days
10 hotel nights
States: Arizona, California and Nevada

Scottsdale AZ
Parks AZ
Barstow CA.
Vegas NV
Vegas NV
Seligman AZ
Flagstaff AZ
Prescott AZ
Scottsdale AZ
Scottsdale AZ
Fly home
Land ARN

Day 1. To Phoenix / Scottsdale. Stay at the luxurious Scottsdale Plaza Resort!

Day 2 Scottsdale – Parker AZ. Pick up our bikes in the AM. Head west over the lonely desert to Parker, Az. A dusty little village on the Colorado River. Lot’s going on here, floating bars,  river-hillbillies and bad-ass V8 boats.

Day 3. Parks AZ – Barstow CA. Sublime desert ride all day on perfect asphalt, due west to Barstow CA, known for nothing except my favorite hotel, Quality Inn Old Route 66, a latino-owned oasis in the heart of the heat.

Day 4. Barstow CA – Las Vegas NV. Smack dab in the middle of real Route 66 country. We’ll jump on original Route 66 to Amboy AZ. There we go north and into the Mojave National Preserve, or the planet Mars, which I usually call it. We head north through this. Beautiful and magical. We reach Sin City in the late afternoon. Downtown near Fremont Street. Oh yea, .2 nights. Hold on to your hat.

Day 5. Las Vegas. Day off. Fun and games,.

Day 6. Las Vegas NV – Seligman AZ via Hoover Dam. We leave early to the Hoover Dam which is considered to be one of the few man-made wonders on earth. It’s really awesome to check out. From there, south on a seemingly endless straight road back down to our old friend Route 66 at Kingman and east on 66 to Seligman AZ. Once an important hub for all Route 66 travelers, but now, since the Interstate highway killed The Mother Road, a true ghost town. You will not believe your eyes when you see Seligman.

Day 7. Seligman AZ – Flagstaff AZ via The Grand Canyon. We continue east and north and feel the air getting a little thinner and a little cooler because we’re riding through the high desert up to A REALLY BIG HOLE: The Grand Canyon. Not much to say about this place except: WTF !! ??. After we’ve checked this out we return south to Flagstaff AZ.

(Notice, all Route 66 aficionados, that we visit three villages that are mentioned in the classic song: “Get your Kicks on Route 66” Flagstaff, Kingman and Barstow.)

Day 8. Flagstaff AZ – Prescott AZ via Sedona AZ. Today is such a “Holy Moley I have never seen so much natural beauty in my life – day” We’re in a mountain area now, Flagstaff is right up there, it can be nippy in the mornings, We head south through Oak Creek Canyon (incredibly beautiful), and the mystical Sedona (fucking incredibly beautiful), then up, up, up to the hippie ex mining village, hanging on a mountainside (?!), Jerome, and finally through Prescott National Forest ( a mighty mountain drive) to Cowboy Town Nr. 1, Prescott AZ. We stay on Whiskey Row. Mm-hmm. A short day, distance-wise, but a long ride time-wise. All good!

Day 9. Prescott – Scottsdale AZ. More mountain roads over crazy beautiful landscapes until we come down to the valley, desert and back to the heat. We end up back in Scottsdale and start our two-day stay at  The Scottsdale Plaza Resort, in the middle of the town, Here we do what we want, and there is a lot to see and do. Mostly, everyone just wants to party by the pool(s)!

Day 10 Scottsdale Plaza Resort = luxury chill + party, visit Old Town etc.

Day 11. Fly home

Day 12. Landa Arlanda

The total cost for this tour: 3700Euros
The cost of passengers: Call!
Covering regular flights, a new Harley-Davidson with insurance, accommodations part in double rooms, transfer and Dave as Road Captain.

Payment is made in three parts.
1. Flights. I book all flights. You pay the ticket yourself before the trip in consultation with me.
2. Accommodation. I book all rooms. Everyone pays their own hotel rooms themselves during the tour.
3. Bikes etc. Everyone pays a DaveUSA invoice covering both motorcycle and insurance and transfer.

Lets’s RIDE!!


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